Monday, December 25, 2006

Photoshop On Web

Fauxto is a web application created using Flash that mimics the early versions of Photoshop. Options for layers, layer effects and filters will let photoshop users feel right at home. You can also open files from your PC and save files.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006


I subscribe to the Java Developer's Journal weekly email and lately I have been seeing them pushing the idea of AJAX replacing all client-side development in the near future. I feel that this is just a hype. I still find that the performance AJAX toolkits when it comes to animations is poor. Animations and transitions work very slow. I was reading the article by Coach Wei where he is proposing that a presentation on AJAX vs Java (client-side) be created to compare the two. He also wrote another article named AJAX to overtake Flash.

I have tested some AJAX toolkits in the past. Coach talks about a few more I had not tried out earlier:
When Flash was first introduced, it caught the attention of millions only due to its ability to show very good and clean animations requiring very little download for its runtime. Flash's awesome animations cannot be compared to the current state of AJAX animations.

I still stand by my previous comment that AJAX performance depends on the browser's capability of rendering the animations. Until Firefox, IE and others do not fix their slow animations rendering, AJAX will not be seen as a replacement for Flash or client-side Java.

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