Monday, November 13, 2006

My New Favourite Desktop

I have written about Litestep before, its an alternate shell for Windows. Makes Windows work and feel completely different. A lot of gamers like to feel that they are playing a game when they are using Windows, thus you find quite an aweful lot of Litestep themes that are catered to gamers. I had stopped using Litestep a while back due it it crashing a lot but now it seems pretty stable. Then I came across the following theme and I knew this is what I want on my desktop. Check it out...

Now how awesome is that...

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Monday, November 6, 2006

My Favourite Firefox Extensions

Following are the latest list of Firefox Extensions I am using:
  • Adblock
  • Adblock Filterset.G Updater
    Auto-blocks most adverts on common websites using an online database of adverts on those webpages. E.g. I see no adverts on hotmail when I log in.

  • Add N Edit Cookies - Mess around with website cookies. Web Dev tool
  • Clone Window 0.2.6 - Create a copy of a window or tab
  • Codetch - Web dev tool
  • ColorZilla - Great tool to play with colors on a webpage
  • Data Analytics 0.1.8 - Analyze data on any webpage which is in a table, like in MS Excel
  • DejaClick by AlertSite - Creates a recording of actions performed in the browser. Can be used as macros (e.g. logging into hotmail automatically) or to create web browsing tutorials.
  • Delete Selection 0.1 - Delete anything on a webpage, especially comes in handy when you want to print a webpage but would rather delete something on it first.
  • deskCut - Create a desktop shortcut for the current page
  • Download Manager Tweak 0.7.1 - Extra options for Firefox downloading
  • DownThemAll! - Internal Firefox Download Manager
  • dutchblock 0.33 - Another advert blocking extension
  • Firefox Extension Backup Extension (FEBE) 4.0 - Backs up ALL my extensions along with ALL settings. Can backup complete Firefox profile. I take the profile home and install it on my home PC as well.
  • Firefoxit 0.1.2 - Widgets engine built on Firefox, still in development but promising.
  • FireFTP 0.94.6 - Really awesome FTP client within Firefox
  • Flashblock 1.5.2 - Allows me to block Flash files and also gives options for download.
  • FlashGot - Forwards download requests to your local download manager.
  • Force Content-Type 1.2.1 - Web dev tool, to fix problems with webserver config for certain mime types.
  • ghostfox 0.1.4 - Really awesome extension. Made for those who would like to hide that fact that they are browsing making others think that they are actually working. Embeds the Firefox window into any program, e.g. you are supposed to be working in Excel, Firefox will disappear from the taskbar and will appear within the Excel window. So a passerby will think you are using Excel. If you move your mouse out of the Firefox region, Firefox will completely disappear. It will reappear when you move your mouse from the left side of the screen to the right end and back to the left (like waving a magic wand). Concept based on the Ghostzilla browser.
  • Gmail Space 0.5.1 - Shows your 1 GB space on your Gmail account as a FTP window so you can save your files there.
  • Greasemonkey - A lot of scripts are available on their website to do cool stuff with specific websites.
  • hideBad 1.3.2
  • httProxy 0.9.1 - If a website is being blocked by your ISP, e.g. Pakistan Gov blocks the blogspot website, use this to access that webpage.
  • IE Tab - Open up a webpage in Internet Explorer within Firefox.
  • JSView 1.2.1 - Web Dev tool, view external javascript and css files
  • Live HTTP Headers 0.11 - web dev tool, view the communication going on between your browser and other servers as you browse a webpage.
  • Menu Editor 1.2.3 - Edit all the menus and context menu of Firefox according to your wishes.
  • MR Tech Local Install - The most important tool for managing Firefox extensions.
  • Password Hasher 0.9.5 - Generate and save hashed passwords
  • PDF Download 0.7.6 - Make firefox ask you what to do with a PDF everytime, e.g. open in Acrobat, open within firefox or save to disk
  • Performancing 1.3 - Blogging extension, being used right now
  • RankQuest SEO Toolbar 3.2 - Great tools for finding out info about page you are browsing
  • Remove It Permanently - Mark an object on a webpage for deletion permanently, like an annoying logo or an advert.
  • Resurrect Pages 1.0.4 - Locates a webpage on different webpage archives which might not be in existence anymore. I was able to find my first website that I created back in 1995.
  • SaveWithUrl 0.2.2 - Saves the url of a page you are saving as a metatag within the html. Helps if you save a lot of webpages on your hard drive and don't remember where you found that page.
  • SEOpen 0.8 - Great tools for finding out info about page you are browsing
  • SessionSaver .2 - Saves your previous Firefox session, all open tabs, windows etc. so you can continue right where you left
  • Shazou 1.1 - Shows the location of the server of the website you are looking at on a map using Google maps
  • ShowIP 0.8.05 - Shows the IP address of the website you are looking at along with some shortcuts to find out its Whois record
  • SourceEditor 0.1 - Edit the source code of a website
  • superT - Extra options for tab browsing
  • Tab Catalog 1.1.2006110601 - Shows screenshots of all open tabs
  • Tab To Window 1.2.6
  • Table2Clipboard - Copies a table to clipboard in a format that can be pasted properly within MS Office
  • Talkback
  • Tamper Data 9.8.1 - Mess around with the communication going on between your browser and a website's server. You can see exactly what info is being sent by firefox and mess with the info as well. You can also save a session's communication for record, and even play it back again later.
  • TAW3 en un clic 0.9.5 - Check if the webpage you are viewing is using proper web dev standards
  • User Agent Switcher 0.6.9 - Make a webserver think you are using some other browser, e.g. Internet Explorer. Comes in handy on some websites.
  • View Dependencies
  • ViewSourceWith - View source code with a different editor
  • Web Developer 1.0.2 - Some powerful tools to examine a webpage's design. Comes in very handy when trying to find problems with HTML.
  • wmlbrowser 0.7.8 - Open WAP websites using firefox, e.g.
  • XPather 1.1 - XPath tool for firefox
  • Ñandú 0.6 - Fast webpage editor within Firefix

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Find your old webpages

I came across the Internet Archive Wayback Machine today. It allowed me to find a webpage I had created back in 1995 when I was in Chicago studying at IIT. I was also able to find some of my friends' webpages. It brought back a lot of memories. I never thought I would be able to see those webpages again. I had never backed up my webpage. Although none of the pictures were there anymore, just seeing the text itself brought back quite a bit of memories.

I guess its a good website to look for data that you had maybe once published on the net and forgot to backup and lost. See what you can find.

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